CUI Categories and Abbreviations

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CUI Categories and Abbreviations
Abbreviation Category Index Group
ADJ Status Adjustment Immigration
ADPO Administrative Proceedings Legal
AIV Accident Investigation Law Enforcement
APP Patent Applications Patent
ARCHR Archaeological Resources Natural and Cultural Resources
ASYL Asylee Immigration
BARG Collective Bargaining Legal
BATT Battered Spouse or Child Immigration
BUDG Budget Financial
CEII Critical Energy Infrastructure Information Critical Infrastructure
CENS U.S. Census Statistical
CHLD Child Pornography Legal
CHRI Criminal History Records Information Law Enforcement
CMPRS Committed Person Law Enforcement
COMPT Comptroller General Financial
CONREG Entity Registration Information Proprietary Business Information
CONTRACT Contract Use Privacy
CONV Tax Convention Tax
CRIT General Critical Infrastructure Information Critical Infrastructure
CRITAN Ammonium Nitrate Critical Infrastructure
CTI Controlled Technical Information Defense
CVI Chemical-Terrorism Vulnerability Information Critical Infrastructure
CVIC Child Victim/Witness Legal
DCNI Unclassified Controlled Nuclear Information - Defense Defense
DCRIT DoD Critical Infrastructure Security information Defense
DREC Death Records Privacy
EMGT Emergency Management Critical Infrastructure
EXPT Export Controlled Export Control
EXPTR Export Controlled Research Export Control
FINT International Financial Institutions Financial
FISA Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act Intelligence
FISAB FISA Business Records Intelligence
FNC General Financial Information Financial
FSEC Bank Secrecy Financial
FSI Financial Supervision Information Financial
FUND Campaign Funds Law Enforcement
GENETIC Genetic Information Privacy
GEO Geodetic Product Information Intelligence
HISTP Historic Properties Natural and Cultural Resources
HLTH Health Information Privacy
ID Internal Data Intelligence
IFNC Intelligence Financial Records Intelligence
INF Informant Law Enforcement
INTL International Agreement Information International Agreements
INTEL General Intelligence Intelligence
INV Investigation Law Enforcement
INVENT Inventions Patent
ISVI Information Systems Vulnerability Information Critical Infrastructure
IVIC Victims of Human Trafficking Immigration
JURY Federal Grand Jury Legal
JUV Juvenile Law Enforcement
LCOMM Communications Law Enforcement
LDNA DNA Law Enforcement
LEI General Law Enforcement Law Enforcement
LFNC Law Enforcement Financial Records Law Enforcement
LMI Legislative Materials Legal
LNSL National Security Letter Law Enforcement
LPROT Protective Order Legal
LSCRN Terrorist Screening Law Enforcement
LVIC Victim Legal
MERG Mergers Financial
MFC Proprietary Manufacturer Proprietary Business Information
MIL Military Personnel Records Privacy
NETW Net Worth Financial
NNPI Naval Nuclear Propulsion Information Defense
NPSR National Park System Resources Natural and Cultural Resources
NUC General Nuclear Nuclear
OCCMTO Ocean Common Carrier and Marine Terminal Operator Agreements Proprietary Business Information
OPSEC Operations Security Intelligence
PCII Protected Critical Infrastructure Information Critical Infrastructure
PERS Personnel Records Privacy
PEST Pesticide Producer Survey Statistical
PHYS Physical Security Critical Infrastructure
POST Proprietary Postal Proprietary Business Information
PRE Presentence Report Legal
PRIIG Inspector General Protected Privacy
PRIOR Prior Arrest Legal
PRIVILEGE Legal Privilege Legal
PROCURE General Procurement and Acquisition Procurement and Acquisition
PROPIN General Proprietary Business Information Proprietary Business Information
PROT Temporary Protected Status Immigration
PRVCY General Privacy Privacy
PSEC Secrecy Orders Patent
PSI Privileged Safety Information Defense
RAIL Railroad Safety Analysis Records Transportation
RECOMM Nuclear Recommendation Material Nuclear
RESD Permanent Resident Status Immigration
RTR Retirement Financial
RWRD Reward Law Enforcement
SAFE SAFETY Act Information Critical Infrastructure
SBIZ Small Business Research and Technology Procurement and Acquisition
SCV Sex Crime Victim Law Enforcement
SERV Ocean Common Carrier Service Contracts Proprietary Business Information
SGI Safeguards Information Nuclear
SRI Nuclear Security-Related Information Nuclear
SSEL Source Selection Procurement and Acquisition
SSI Sensitive Security Information Transportation
STAT Statistical Information Statistical
STUD Student Records Privacy
SUB Controlled Substances Law Enforcement
SURV Investment Survey Statistical
TAI Taxpayer Advocate Information Tax
TAX Federal Taxpayer Information Tax
TRACE Pen Register and Trap & Trace Law Enforcement
TSCA Toxic Substances Critical Infrastructure
UCNI Unclassified Controlled Nuclear Information - Energy Nuclear
VISA Visas Immigration
WATER Water Assessments Critical Infrastructure
WDT Written Determinations Tax
WHISTL Whistleblower Identify Law Enforcement
WIT Witness Protection Legal
XFER Electronic Funds Transfer Financial