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Category Description:
Related to information concerning the federal budget, including authorizations and estimates of income and expenditures.
Required Warning Statement:
Required Dissemination Control:


  • Budget justification material
  • Future year budget requests
  • Out year discretionary data
  • PPBE draft documents
  • Statements of assurance
  • Budget execution data
  • Annual budget report/assessment
  • Program Budget Advisory Committee briefs
  • STRATPLAN/OPLAN operating budgets and input
  • Budget talking points and deliberation
  • Program Objective Memorandum (POM)
  • Program Guidance Memorandum for POM
  • Command Program Guidance Memorandum
  • Elements of the National Defense Budget Estimates
  • Program/agency budget information
  • Funding status prior to public release
  • Annual operating budget
  • Budget analysis
  • Status of funds
  • Resource Regulation Guide
  • Pre-decisional budget data
  • Financial plans covering sales, revenues, costs, expenses, assets, liabilities

Applicable DoD Policies

DoDD 5118.03
DoDI 7000.14