Safeguards Information

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Security related information concerning the physical protection of source, byproduct or special nuclear material and the detailed security measures for facilities and information contained within security plans.

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  • Protective measures    
  • ​Interim compensatory measures
  • Composite physical security plan for facility/site 
  • Site specific design features of plant security communications systems 
  • Physical security orders and procedures issued by the licensee for members of the security organization detailing duress codes, patrol routes and schedules, or responses to security contingency events 
  • Lock combinations, mechanical key design, or passwords integral to the physical security system 
  • Descriptions of security activities which disclose features of the physical security system or response measures Information relating to onsite or offsite response forces, including size, armament of the response forces, and arrival times of such forces committed to respond to security contingency events
  • Site specific drawings, diagrams, sketches, or maps that substantially represent the final design features of the physical security system 
  • Alarm system layouts showing the location of intrusion detection devices, alarm assessment equipment, alarm system wiring, emergency power sources for security equipment, and duress alarms


10 CFR 73

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