Unclassified Control Nuclear Information - Energy

Category Abbreviation:
Category Description:

Relating to certain design and security information concerning nuclear facilities, materials, and weapons, specific to the Department of Energy.

Required Warning Statement:

Unclassified Controlled Nuclear Information
Not for Public Dissemination
Unauthorized dissemination subject to civil and criminal sanctions under section 148 of the
Atomic Energy Act of 1954, as amended (42 U.S.C. 2168).

Additional Marking Requirement:

   Unclassified Controlled Nuclear Information will be placed at the bottom of all pages

Required Dissemination Control:



  • Design of production facilities or utilization facilities 
  • Security measures (plans, procedures, equipment) for the physical protection of production or utilization facilities, nuclear material contained in such facilities, or nuclear material in transit 
  • Design, manufacture, or utilization of any atomic weapon or component if the design, manufacture, or utilization of such weapon or component was contained in any information declassified or removed from the Restricted Data category by the Secretary of Energy

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