Federal Taxpayer Information

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Related to returns and return information which are submitted, gathered or generated in conjunction with taxpayers’ responsibilities to comply with federal tax provisions in the United States Code. 

Returns includes information that is provided to the government pursuant to Title 26, including tax or information returns, declarations of estimated tax or claims for refund.

Return information includes a taxpayer’s identity, the nature, source or amount of income or any information received by, recorded by, prepared by or furnished to Internal Revenue Service relevant to the determination of tax liability including whether the taxpayer is the subject of investigation.

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  • ​A taxpayer’s identity, the nature, source, or amount of his income, payments, receipts, deductions, exemptions, credits, assets, liabilities, net worth, tax liability, tax withheld, deficiencies, overassessments, or tax payments, whether the taxpayer’s return was, is being, or will be examined or subject to other investigation or processing, or any other data, received by, recorded by, prepared by, furnished to, or collected with respect to a return or with respect to the determination of the existence, or possible existence, of liability (or the amount thereof) of any person under this title for any tax, penalty, interest, fine, forfeiture, or other imposition, or offense

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