General Critical Infrastructure Information

Category Abbreviation:
Category Description:
Systems and assets, whether physical or virtual, so vital that the incapacity or destruction of such may have a debilitating impact on the security, economy, public health or safety, environment, or any combination of these matters, across any Federal, State, regional, territorial, or local jurisdiction.
Required Warning Statement:
Required Dissemination Control:


  • Mission Essential Vulnerable Area (MEVA) listing
  • Antiterrorism Resource Requirement documentation
  • Details of scheduled/unscheduled communication outages
  • Plans for internal communication systems
  • Criticality assessment listing
  • VTC schedules 
  • Details of capabilities
  • Design basis threat assessment
  • AFMETS/LISA/AFSSIR information systems
  • Mission analysis, identification, impact
  • Details of limitations
  • AIS capabilities, connectivity, operational status
  • Cybersecurity plan details

Applicable DoD Policies

DoDD 3020.40
DoDI 3020.45