Chemical-Terrorism Vulnerability Information

Category Abbreviation:
Category Description:
Information that relates to vulnerabilities of high-risk chemical facilities that manufacture, use, store, or otherwise possess certain explosive, reactive, flammable, or toxic chemicals of interest (COI).
Required Warning Statement:
WARNING: This record contains Chemical-Terrorism Vulnerability Information controlled by 6 CFR 27.400. Do not disclose to persons without a “need to know” in accordance with 6 CFR 27.400(e). Unauthorized release may result in civil penalties or other action. In any administrative or judicial proceeding, this information shall be treated as classified information in accordance with 6 CFR 27.400(h) and (i).
Required Dissemination Control:


  • Security vulnerability assessments
  • Locally developed "All Hazards Assessment Report"
  • Documents relating to the review and approval of security vulnerability assessments and site security plans, including letters of authorization 
  • Site security plans
  • Alternative security programs
  • Documents relating to inspection or audits
  • Other information developed for chemical facility security purposes


6 CFR 27.400

Applicable DoD Policies