DoD Critical Infrastructure Security Information

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Category Description:
Information that, if disclosed, would reveal vulnerabilities in the DoD critical infrastructure and, if exploited, would likely result in the significant disruption, destruction, or damage of or to DoD operations, property, or facilities, including information regarding the securing and safeguarding of explosives, hazardous chemicals, or pipelines, related to critical infrastructure or protected systems owned or operated on behalf of the DoD, including vulnerability assessments prepared by or on behalf of the DoD, explosives safety information (including storage and handling), and other site-specific information on or relating to installation security.
Required Warning Statement:
Required Dissemination Control:


  • DoD priority installations
  • Security of weapons storage facilities
  • Structure vulnerabilities
  • NECC TOA/Information
  • SAWS inventory
  • Site security surveys for DoD assets
  • Program assessments for AT, LE, PS equities
  • Maps, diagrams, drawings of internal infrastructure

Applicable DoD Authorities

DoDD 3020.40
DoDI 3020.45