General Privacy

Category Abbreviation:
Category Description:
Refers to personal information, or, in some cases, "personally identifiable information," as defined in OMB M-17-12, or "means of identification" as defined in 18 USC 1028(d)(7).
Required Warning Statement:
   May require a Privacy Act Statement
Required Dissemination Control:


  • Records retrieved from a Government system
  • Examples of PII:
    • ​Social security number
    • Driver's license or state identification number
    • Alien Registration Number
    • Financial account number
    • Biometric identifiers (fingerprint, voiceprint, iris scan)
    • Date of birth
    • Full name
    • Citizenship or immigration status
    • Ethnic or religious affiliation
    • Criminal history
    • System authentication information (passwords, PINs)

Applicable DoD Policies

DoDI 5400.11