The DoD CUI Registry provides an official list of categories used to identify various types of CUI.  While it mirrors the Information Security Oversight Office CUI Registry, the DoD Registry contains additional information unique to DoD.  Clicking on each index grouping below will take you to the list of CUI categories within each index grouping.

     Critical              Defense        Export Control       Financial          Immigration       Intelligence       International
Infrastructure                                                                                                                                        Agreements

       Law                  Legal         Natural/Cultural         NATO                Nuclear              Patents             Privacy
Enforcement                                 Resources
Procurement      Proprietary         Provisional          Statistical                 Tax              Transportation
& Acquisition       Business

Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI)

What is CUI?
  • Government-created or owned UNCLASSIFIED information that allows for, or requires, safeguarding and dissemination controls in accordance with laws, regulations, or Government-wide policies.
  • Sensitive information that does not meet the criteria for classification but must still be protected.

Why is CUI important?
  • The establishment of CUI was a watershed moment in the Department’s information security program, formally acknowledging that certain types of UNCLASSIFIED information are extremely sensitive, valuable to the United States, sought after by strategic competitors and adversaries, and often have legal safeguarding requirements.
  • Unlike with classified national security information, DoD personnel at all levels of responsibility and across all mission areas receive, handle, create, and disseminate CUI.
  • CUI policy provides a uniform marking system across the Federal Government that replaces a variety of agency-specific markings, such as FOUO, LES, SBU, etc.