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What is Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI)?

CUI is Government-created or owned UNCLASSIFIED information that allows for, or requires, safeguarding and dissemination controls in accordance with laws, regulations, or Government-wide policies.  It is sensitive information that does not meet the criteria for classification but must still be protected.

Why is CUI important?

CUI policy provides a uniform marking system across the Federal Government that replaces a variety of agency-specific markings, such as FOUO, LES, SBU, etc.

CUI markings alert recipients that special handling may be required to comply with law, regulation, or Government-wide policy.


The DoD CUI Registry will give you information on every category to include a description of the category, required markings, authorities and DoD policies, and examples.

Not every category or authority listed in the Registry will be applicable to DoD.